Black Hole

So I’m tutoring two 14 year old boys during the summer and I have never seen eating like this before.

Well, I have seen eating like this: 4 young men in their twenties ranging between 5′ 7″ and 6’3″.  But these two 14 year olds (probably 5′ 5″?) are matching what I saw these four nearly grown men eat.

Puberty is hard!  They’re constantly tired and hungry.  It’s like nothing can satiate them!  Like black holes of unhappiness who just keep saying MORE FOOD; GIVE ME MORE FOOD but nothing can ever actually fill the black hole!

hungry hippo

Needless to say they are constantly snacking during class.  At first I tried to put my foot down about it, thinking to create a more focused learning environment — but I quickly realized that they were much more focused with food in front of them.  Denying them snacks just made it into forbidden fruit.  Now their desks are littered with crackers, cheese, hot cheetos, orange juice, chocolate mlik, sandwiches, and salami.  I often have to brush away crumbs when they hand in their work.

They politely offer me slivers of meat or blocks of cheese; I politely refuse.

Once, one of them said he was thirsty suddenly in the middle of class and disappeared into the kitchen.  Before I could tell him to sit back down and pay attention, he had already consumed an entire carton of orange juice in front of me.  He then ripped into a box of granola bars and ate 4 of them.  He then began cooking eggs.

I guess thirsty means “hungry” in puberty; I guess everything means “hungry” during puberty.  I wouldn’t say he was like a pig because pigs tend to chew their food; he was more like a duck — just swallowing and moving on to the next sustenance.  I kept my hands in my pockets in case he mistook them for sausages.  In between checking the frying eggs, he worked on his essay.  He offered me a plate but I was worried about getting in between him and his food.

Girls certainly have their own problems during puberty, but being raised without brothers I guess I was never aware of the pain of constant hunger young men obviously feel while they grow.  Or maybe these guys are just going to be really tall.  Hungry-Man


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