For the past few semesters I’ve had my students do an exercise on self-identifying.  Which words would you use to describe yourselves?  Which stereotypes are associated with these words?  And where did you get these ideas in the first place?  Meant to be a deep and mind-blowing exercise, it almost always turns into shocking revelations.  Students use some crazy things to identify themselves and I always learn something new about them.  This has been my favorite so far:

Me: Write down 5 words you use to identify yourselves. What are your identifiers?

Student: Son, student, Polish, writer, registered minister.

Me: Wait, what? You’re a registered minister? How old are you?

Student: 18.

Me: Why are you a registered minister? Did you have to marry someone?

Student: No, I just did it for fun. Now I walk around the dorm offering to marry people. Especially drunk people. They think I’m joking and then they wake up hungover and married.

Me: I feel like….I should report you….to someone?

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